The Funky DinosaursThe Funky Dinosaurs

meet the Funky Dinosaurs.Funky D plays classic rock and greatest hits from the 50s to the 80s. It’s music that’s perfect for parties and barbecues, and right for bars, too. Hear favorites from the Stones, the Beatles,Led Zeppelin, Creedence and Clapton along with songs from bob Marley, Santana, Huey Lewis, Dylan, Eagles and a lot more.

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This is the perfect band for the over-50 who's finally got enough bucks to hire a real rock and roll band. Now that you finallycan, why not go for it? Throw the party you've always wished somebody would have, and get ready to rock

Eugene GrayguitariEugene Grey knows all the licks. He spenthis youth in jamaica absorbing all the American RockHe could findime learning The classic rock andgolden oldies that turned out to be perfect for the Funky Dinosaurs J. EugeneIs also a jazz and reggae recording artist, touring with the biggest names and with several CDs released under his own name.-Eugene is stepping up to leading guitar after the untimely death of founding guitarist Hugh Fox, seen and heard on Facebook and YouTubeclickany picture on this website for a closer look.

  thecritter picturedat lower right is Teddy T (for tyrranosaurus Rex) Teddy isthe alter ego of bandfounder and ketboardist Ted Knight Tedis better known for big bands, but he's always been a rocker at heart TEddy started life as a character in a video game When the game didn't’ sell, his creator set him free to roam the public domain,Ted adopted him, and called onsome fellow rockers to start a bandTed writes the arrangements andcalls the tunes.  Larry Rda ( is on drums the Rudasaurus drives the band like a madman. Think Animal from the Muppet Show.
Eugene grey is on guitar and bass and directs backup vocals.the Greyman doesn’twear grey, preferring the bright colors of his native Jamaica. although not a coffee drinker himself. he keeps the other Dinosaurs happy with occasional gifts of primo Blue Mountain java from homhome bassist glen rovinellliplaysrecord-copy basslines on hundreds of tunesfrom the band's vast repertoire Singers frankie rock and Vaux  Finnimorecomplete the band, adding soaring leads and heavenly harmonies,.andFankie doubles drums and congas Guitarist/BassistD Harry Is available when needed as "dino osaur for a day," Teddy T says, why settle for a Dj when you can have a good live bandinstead, ready to rock a party, cookout, or reunion near you. You’ve worked hard, and nowthat you can finally afford a band, why not go for it? Check out Larry's playing on the Led Zeppelin drum feature, Moby Dick.

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